ground rules.

So if I’m gonna do this we’re gonna need some ground rules. And by “this”, I mean, write words that aren’t to music. And by “write”, I mean, occasionally. And by “occasionally”, I mean as often as my heart & ego & my big little everything called family will allow. But we’re gonna need some ground rules. 

Tom Petty was a genius. But forgive me for saying it’s not the waiting. It’s the starting that’s the hardest part. So the fact that you’re reading this means that I’ve already slayed the green-with-envy demon called expectation. And the red-headed step-monkey on my back called logic. And most importantly, the “oh my god is that me?” reflection in the warped, carnival mirror I have lovingly named fear. Those little assholes that kept me staring at a blinking cursor in a blank document no less than a hundred times these last few months — yeah, I just kicked their asses. Because I just started a thing. 

That thing. What to call that thing. And as luck (ie. God orchestrating the whole friggin universe so meticulously that sometimes I look like a wizard at life..) should have it - right at this moment, across the room, my kids are watching a show called Word Party. So for now, the working title of this THING is a word party. But as every therapist under the sun will tell you, where 3 are more are gathered…there must be boundaries. Or did I just make that up? Doesn’t matter. 


  1. Tell my truth.
  2. Have no agenda.
  3. Quit writing if I can’t do 1 & 2. 


  1. Be kind.
  2. Don’t judge.
  3. Quit following if you can’t do 1 & 2.

Well that was easy.