day 18 // the elusive box turtle.

It feels like Christmas Eve around here. The town is buzzing. The flags are flying. The streamers are carefully being strung through bike spokes for the parade. The community theater is having final dress rehearsals for the musical. There is a shortage of hot dog buns at Dillons. And of course, everyone is scaling the dirt roads at sunset for the elusive box turtle. 

Because the show pony, per say, of Sterling’s Christmas — is the turtle race. 80 years ago someone took the meaning behind The Tortoise & The Hare to heart in a big way and started a small town revolution. Where turtles battle it out. And isn’t it just like a small town to still believe that the slowest and the steadiest wins the race? 

The reality of the turtle race for our family is that it’s really more about the acquisition and less about performance. Can’t tell you how many years we make a big to-do about finding one, decorating one, and then by the time 10:30 am on 7/4 comes around, a child is inevitably crying in their corndog in the blazing heat and we tote that bucket of turtle back to the house.

Maybe this year will be different. Her name is Gummy. She’s been deemed a unicorn with a pink+purple color palette. And my kids refuse to touch her. Off to the races.

Nicolle GalyonComment