day 15 // non-fiction fairytale.

 I guess this is a good time to acknowledge that today marks the halfway mark of our Summer in Sterling. I’m in the exact middle of it, but I’m strangely already sad that we will blink and be gone. I guess like they say, how lucky to have something so dear you get to miss.

I’ve noticed a lot lately that when I hear myself recount the happenings of our day, it sounds almost fiction. Like an overwritten country song. By someone from LA. As if Mayberry isn’t a real place.

For. Example.

This morning after we had grandma’s homemade English muffin toast on the patio in our pajamas - we rode bikes down Main Street to the barber shop - where Aunt Vivian welcomed us with Smarties. A couple of kind-hearted farmers who were waiting for buzz cuts - under a wall full of taxidermy - offered to let us cut in line (because 3 year old). And the blue and white stripes spun outside the window while the local news played on a tube tv in the corner. And we paid our $14 and took the change next door to the Cafe to get sodas and fried chicken. I told the kids if they were good and ate their food, they could get gum balls out of the machine. And wouldn’t it be just like this town to give you two gum balls for each quarter. The kids squealed the whole ride home - or I guess at least until the park - where we played on the swings until the 1:00 whistle blew and we crawled back on the bikes and went home for naps.

It’s when I hear myself say that that’s what we did today that I am so glad this is actually a non-fiction fairytale I’m living.