day 14 // the wide lens.

My camera doesn’t have a zoom on it. I kinda like that about it. If I want to get closer to the heart of the picture, I have to literally just walk closer to the action. Usually, squat walking like a penguin with one eye glued to the back of the thing. I would one day love (to hate) to see B-roll of me trying to get the right shots. 

But this morning I wasn’t “camera waddling” TOWARD the picture. I was backing up from it. We were in Little River visiting Great Grandma Galyon. You know, the one that has 7 kids and 53 grandkids and still gets everyone of them a gift at Christmas. And at 89 still drives herself to hit the Dillards Clearance Rack. There was a moment where she was sitting on a park bench talking to my husband - deep in conversation. While in the background, the kids were literally frolicking in the splash pad. I couldn’t decide what to take a picture of, so I walked across the park and just took a picture of ALL of it together. 

It got me thinking about how there is such beauty in the lenses through which we choose to see life. There are the moments for zooming in - on the laugh lines around the eyes of a woman as she cries and holds her baby for the first time. Or the wrinkles on the hand that grips another in the hospital bed. But today, I needed a wide lens. One from 30,000 feet. The one that shows you the magnitude of blessings at one time. Ala the 89 year old matriarch telling stories of Grandpa when he was young. While your 3 year old dumps a bucket of water over the head of the 5 year old. While the husband seems to be thriving in the town you were raised.

Just thankful today that God gave us all eyes that came with a built-in super zoom, panoramic, and wide lens all in one. Just depends what we choose to see and how we choose to see it..

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