day 13 // the lemonade (I don't under)stand.

About a month ago, one of my co-writers asked me what I would do if I ever lived in Kansas full time again. My response without even thinking about it was “oh, I’d just build something else”.  A lot of people think that to be successful in music, you have to have no Plan B. Fortunately for me, music was my Plan B, so that illusion was shattered for me years ago. Music is just one small way I get to Build. Build a story. Build a memory. Build a family. Build a home. Build a song. Build a friendship. Build something. 

And yesterday we built a lemonade stand. I hope the kids remember picking out lemons at the grocery store, going to town with a helium tank in the kitchen, painting stencils on the signs, taking orders and putting the dollars in the mason jar. But what they might remember is that it was 100 degrees when the 6:00 whistle blew and told us we were opened. And how the frosting on the cookies melted as their sibling tried to steal our one umbrella. And they might only remember the wind blowing the napkins across the yard more than 20 times. Or how we didn’t have any customers for the first 20 minutes and it felt like an eternity. 

I can’t be held responsible for the story they choose to tell themselves about yesterday. Ford might call it THE LEMONADE (I Don’t under)STAND - a funny look at how boys don't care about stuff like lemonade signs. Charlie could likely call it Of Life & Lemonade - a fabulous look at how you can learn to be fabulous in even the most miserable of weather.

But me - I’m gonna title yesterday When Life Gives You A Lemonade Stand. It’ll be all about how the greatest of intentions are only intentions, not reality. I can’t INTEND for the weather to cool off. I can’t intend for my daughter to not have a meltdown when she gets hot. I can’t intend for more than 10 customers.

I can only build a lemonade stand. The rest I don’t have to understand.

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