day 11 + 12 // camp cousin.

There are a lot of moments when you’re building a house from across the country where it just gets so stressful and clustered that you need to just close your eyes and envision something beautiful. Something that is gonna make the logistical nightmare of this process more than worth it.

So I would imagine a night when my kids’ cousins would come over and we’d all go ride bikes to the swimming pool. And then eat pizza on the side porch while the fan blew. And then ride scooters to the Dairy Dump for milkshakes as big as our faces. And then they’d make a town out of sidewalk chalk on the driveway for their bikes and scooters. And then they’d wash said driveway and each other off with the hose sprayer. And then they’d take turns showering in shifts. And then they’d all end up in the playroom watching a movie eating popcorn. And then they’d all jump in their bunks in the bunk room and giggle until I went up and told them it was bedtime.

That’s what I would imagine.

And last night, that’s what we did.

First annual Camp Cousin: established 2018.


Nicolle GalyonComment