day 9 // little miss low dive.

I have a scar on the inside of my left ankle from sometime around 4th grade when I was flirting with (aka trying to show off to) Derek Schneider on the diving board at the pool. And instead I slid off the side and scraped the absolute s-h-i-t out of my ankle. It bled a lot. Like made a huge scene and yuck. No one besides me probably remembers that it happened. And I probably would have forgotten by now too - except for that 2 inch mark on my ankle reminds me every time I go to tie my shoes or shave my legs. Thank you, diving board. Thank you humility. Thank you God for giving us scars - because motherhood has all but deleted my entire memory hard drive. Which brings me to the pool…

The pool here is very “Sandlot meets Sirius Ch. 56 The Highway”. I've definitely deemed a few girls the token Wendy Peffercorns. The lifeguards are beautifully sun kissed sixteen. Well-tanned and are all probably kissing each other in the bath house after hours. And my Charlie is the resident Little Miss Sunshine for the month. Freely rocking one piece wedgies and bedazzled goggles every day that ends in Y. And today, Little Miss Low Dive stepped right up that very diving board that got my ankle back in early 90's, and jumped off and doggy paddled her little booty to the side.

And then she did it again.

And then she did it 50 more times.

Same diving board that gave me a scar gave her wings.

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