day 10 // botox + balayage.

Today I went to a beauty conference that my cousin hosted called beYOUtiful. there were a lot of donuts. and awesome drinks that were Champagne and other things mixed together. Except I asked them to leave out the other things. Because champagne is everything I need always.

Anyway, I am lucky to get makeup on anymore. In fact, I've even gotten down to where dry shampoo and a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen qualifies as being "put together". But I learned a lot today. First of which is that it's already too late for me. I'm a lost cause. But for all you 15 year olds getting Botox, the future is still in your hands -- and between your eyebrows. ;)

I had the best time learning about things I will never have time to do -- like cool sculpt the fat off the back of my arms. And the difference between balayage and hair painting. I am not feminine enough for most female things. But I DO always have time to hang with my gorgeous cousins and aunts and mom. So here's us...being beYOUtiful.

Nicolle Galyon