day 6 // leftover monster cookie dough.

I said this month was a dream. But I never said it was going to be perfect.

 For instance, who knew that after ordering a trailer to pull the kids months in advance, making a special trip to Hutch to get a bike, having them put special tubes in, getting the kids bike helmets, and even getting the bell installed — that I’d get a flat tire on my ride. (In case you’ve ever wondered, walking a bike with a trailer of two kids behind it is a really solid workout.)

Also, who knew that our son would all of a sudden be afraid of the dark and would become an actual night terror himself. (Isn’t there an article that says 4.5 hours is the optimum amount of sleep for adults?)

Also, who knew that our irrigation system would have a crack in it and create a geyser in the yard and flood the street? (Feeling good about digging that well right about now.)  

And who knew that after meticulously curating the perfect instastory of the baking of the most  delicious double batch of monster cookies, they would literally melt in the oven like a pancake and taste like actual shit once baked? (I might be in a little house on the prairie - but turns out I’m not the pioneer woman.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been reminded that perfection is not the secret to success this week. And that leftover monster cookie dough is a freakin’ delicacy.

Nicolle GalyonComment