day 2 // training the tracks.

I walked out of a movie tonight. It was only 30 minutes in. And my date was holding my hand crying. (Sounds like a horrible night if you’re sixteen.) 

But if you’re a 33 y.o. mom and your date is a 3 year old man child who just happened to have ice cream at dinner and just couldn’t swing the whole “sit in one spot for more than 6 seconds” thing - pretty much par for the course. I wasn’t even frustrated with him. I just felt responsible for the ticket payers sitting around us who were surely distracted by the up-down of a blonde head scaling the aisles. 

Instead of getting upset with him that he couldn’t make his personality and energy fit in the box of a movie theater - I found myself looking to make some new fun in a place that had no fences. And that’s the beauty about this place. There aren’t many fences or no trespassing signs - or really anything to make you feel small. You just kinda feel like you’re OUT here - not stuck IN here

Before I knew it, I had driven 20 miles to pull off the side of the road into a flat dirt spot, so that we could stand next to the railroad tracks and listen for a choo choo. I watched him pretend to be a train at the top of his lungs as the wind nearly took his breath away. And it took my breath away to watch him. I think tonight Ford reminded me to not try to change the train — but to make some tracks that take the train places they can really rock and roll. And this train does not thrive in a movie theater. He thrives when his mama takes him into the great wide open.

Nicolle GalyonComment