day 1 // summer of sterling.

Today we got here. Today we got here. Today we got here. I keep saying it over and over because I’m not talking about the plane, train and automobile it took to get here. I’m talking about the literal thousands of  emails  and texts titled “placement of door stoppers” and “budget for irrigation well” it took to get here. We got here. Through there.

Tonight I walked down the sidewalk and stared at the moon. It was a skinny sliver. It was exquisite. Like it was propped up at a 45 degree angle on top of the neighbor’s house. Funny, I haven’t stared at the moon in awhile. It’s been there every night of my almost 34 years. So where have been? I stood there barefoot for a few seconds and sighed. Wish I could say the slightest breeze rustled through the trees. But it was more of a 40 mph gust like a blow dryer in the face. But even through that I breathed deeper. And then I walked back inside and ate 20 bites of cookies + cream straight out of the carton.

No fireworks show. No grandiose ceremony or welcome committee.  In the silence of my kids sleeping at Mimi & Papa’s I thought to myself “if this is all just to stop and see the moon a little more…” and the tone has been set.


Day 1 down.

Nicolle GalyonComment