30 days of sterling.

It’s always fascinating to see the unfiltered look on people’s faces when I tell them that we built a house in my hometown. Of 2000 people. 15 feet from my parents. An hour and a half from a Target. Where real estate virtually only depreciates. And the travel takes approximately 8 hours. And after 2 flights you still have to drive an hour.

The looks thus far have ranged as follows:

  • The BUT WHY: This is a pure look of confusion. Usually paired with a  furrowed brow & general disdain for one’s hometown.
  • The I COULD NEVER: This is knee jerk expression of  shock. Immediate eyes widened. Generally ollowed with the phrase “wow”.
  • The OH WOW: This is mother condescension . If this look could talk it would likely say “they will eventually regret this”. 
  • The AWWWW: This is one part appreciation for our choice, zero parts desire to do it themselves. Categorized by how one’s face looks calm and excited for us, but you can tell behind their eyes they are applying their own family into this equation and know that this is nothing they would ever want to do.
  • The AHHHHHHHH: This is a rare reaction of pure jealousy. Usually followed with phrases like “what a dream” & “what a gift to your kids”. Usually someone who has toddlers and lives nowhere near family. 

I know these looks all too well because I’ve given all of them to myself over the years as we were hashing out the decision to execute the heart estate known as Glinda. And as it turns out, this plan has left me in a general state of AHHHHHHH. So after 2 years of planning and building — a decade of dreaming — and a lifetime of God intricately weaving little details like giving me a husband who wants to be here + providing a lot big enough for everyone in our family  + blessing our careers so we could have the resources to build — here we are.

We’ll be here 30 days this summer. Every summer. And I’m going to write a little something everyday. Some of it will be for therapy (because I don’t have a therapist here). Some of it will be for my memory (so I never forget the moments). Some of it will be for an outlet (because I’m used to writing everyday). But all of it will be mine. 


(And all God’s people said “AHHHHHHHHH”.)